How should a society be in your angle of view ?clean without any corruption

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It depends on what one defines as corruption. From a societal standpoint (as opposed to government) some people would define corruption as simply people acting out of self-interest, which seems entirely impossible to eliminate. Indeed, it may not be desirable to eliminate it. Laws exist to punish embezzlers, insider traders, and people who offer or receive bribes, to cite a few examples of corruption, and it seems that this is perhaps the best we can do. 

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I personally think there will always be corruption.  It is human nature.  If you are a religious person, I guess you could suggest it goes back to creation, like Adam and Eve.  What we need is checks and balances so that people have incentives to behave.

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Corruption in government is not part of any ideal society. However, society, as a concept, includes much more than government. Every individual does his or her part to create, re-create, and to alter society.

In this way, your question can be seen partly to ask how we would like others to act in a society and partly how we feel we should act.