How should I do a small skit about the Treaty of Versailles?

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If you are going to do a small skit about the Treaty of Versailles, there are several ideas that I believe you should include. You will want to have several characters in your skit. These would include President Wilson of the United States, David Lloyd George of Great Britain, Georges Clemenceau of France, and Vittorio Orlando of Italy. These leaders compromised the Big Four. You might want to include Adolf Hitler and Henry Cabot Lodge as characters also.

As you write your skit, you would want to show the main ideas behind Wilson’s peace proposal called the Fourteen Points. You would highlight the main concepts such as no secret treaties, the right to self-determination, and the creation of the League of Nations. You also would want to show how the other members of Big Four scoffed at these ideas. You should show them demanding a treaty that really punished Germany.

You should focus on the main points of the Versailles Treaty. This would include the high reparations the Germans had to pay to the Allies, the loss of land by Germany, the weakening of Germany’s military, the requiring of Germany to accept the guilt for World War I, and the creation of the League of Nations.

I would include a scene about the debate over the Versailles Treaty in the United States, and its rejection by the U.S. Senate. You might include some of the conversations Henry Cabot Lodge may have had with President Wilson where he insisted on making some changes in the treaty, and Wilson’s refusal to makes these changes.

Finally, you might conclude with a scene with Adolf Hitler using the terms of the treaty to rally support for Germany to get revenge on the Allies. You could show how he used this treaty and other factors such as the Great Depression in Germany to get power and to eventually start rebuilding Germany’s military. This would show that the Versailles Treaty had some impact on the start of World War II.

Good luck in writing your skit and creating the scenes to show what the Versailles Treaty did, how the provisions were developed, and what the effects of the treaty had in the world.

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