How should I learn Arabic?    I'm thinking of buying a book and learning myself. Is it going to be very difficult and where do I start?  

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I've studied nearly ten languages. So, I have some insight into language acquisition. Here are my suggestions.

First, you need to define your objectives. How well do you want to learn a language? Do you want to know it well enough to be able to speak and write like a native? Or do you simply want conversational skills?

Second, once you determine your goals, you can map out a course of action. The best way to learn any language by far is to spend time overseas. You will be in college soon (assuming you go that route). Think of a study abroad program over the summer. This will do wonders for language learning and motivation.

Third, take a course. This is by far better than any online resources or book. Unless you are highly motivated, you will not get very far with a book. Also you will have trouble with pronunciation and other grammatical details. If you cannot take a course, get a tutor whom you can meet once in a while as you work through a book.

Fourth, if you want to study online, then check out programs like Rosetta Stone. It is a good program, but you will have to pay for it. It is not cheap.

If money is an issue, then go with a good academic book. You may want to call the local college and ask them what book they use and get a tutor, whom you can ask questions a few times a month. The other option is to find a language partner.  Best of luck.

alaa-omairat | Student

i totally  agree with readerofbooks answer

i'm Arabi .. so if you want to learn Arabic you should start listening to some tutorial videos starting with the alphabetical letters which may sounds hard to say in the very beginning but it will be easy if you keep on practicing

you might check out LearnArabicWithMaha channel on youtube

or any other Arabic tutorial channels you found

sorry for my bad English i'm still a beginner you know

and please if you need anything or any help in Arabic lang i'll help  

Best of luck.

zala96 | Student

Arabic is a very tough language to learn - there are schools around the place that you can sign up to and they will properly teach who how to talk and write in arabic - I suggest that you dont try and learn arabic yourself (unless you have heritage, background or someone close to you that can help) because there are many diffcult pronuciations that are within the language - I would know from experience!

yeauh | Student

READING TO LEARN A LANGUAGE IS BOOORRIINNGG!!! that's why you listen to music :) if you have an ipod, iphone whatever download an app to learn the basics and by listening and watching programs in arabic will defenitely help you.. (if watching program just make sure you use captions to understand)... if you go to barnes&noble or borders you can find a FUN book with sticker labels that will also make arabic learning FFUUUNNNN!!!!