How should I get better at singing?Am in a band and want to sing and play guitar at the same time. When I asked how I should do that, the person who answered suggested I make sure I can sing it...

How should I get better at singing?

Am in a band and want to sing and play guitar at the same time. When I asked how I should do that, the person who answered suggested I make sure I can sing it well. I want to know if anyone knows any tips to make sure you can sing well. Any suggestions...

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dmcgillem eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No matter what type of singing you want to do, proper breathing technique is important to support your voice and minimize strain on your vocal cords.  Lack of breath support causes a lot of pitch problems. For this, you need to sing from your diaphram, not your throat.  To get a feeling for what this entails, put your hand on your chest and take a deep breath.  If your hand moved (chest expanded), then you aren't breathing into your diaphram.  Put your hands on your sides just at or right below your bottom rib, thumb in back, fingers in front.  Bend over from the waist until your torso is parallel to the floor and breath in.  You should feel the expansion in your hands as your ribcage enlarges.  This is what it feels like to breathe correctly for singing or playing a wind instrument.

Vocal flexibility is another area you'll want to work on.  While quality voice lessons would be the ideal, if you can play basic scales and arpeggios, then you could start working on this yourself.  Especially when singing arpeggios, work first on accurate pitch, then increase the speed.

maggie123246 | Student

I love to sing during free time and at school!

I would agree with what people have already said. Breathing is very important, and mastering the art of breathing properly will help your pitch, timbre and range.

Voice lessons can be very helpful. I took a voice class both freshman and sophomore year (this year) of high school, and working with other people will help you greatly as well.

In this class, we did a lot of singing in front of eachother and our vocal coach, and they all gave eqch other feedback on things they liked about our singing, and things we needed to improve on.

I've just learned how to play the guitar, and it is challenging to play and sing at the same time. If you learn each component separately, things will get easier though. Learning to sing properly and with more ease will take time, and coaching and help from others will help you learn more faster.

I hope this helps! :)

princess96 | Student

Vocal lessons ....

Drink water..

warm up , befor you sing a song . etc



arrellbelle | Student

My sister is a natural at singing and she has also taken chorus in high school, so she knows what she's talking about when I ask her for advice. She says that I have to warm up singing first, otherwise, you'll probably have voice cracks since you're singing with cold vocal chords. Warming them up helps for the vocal chords to get warm and elastic enough for singing. Also, breathing techniques are very important when belting out different notes. Finally, make sure you practice, practice, practice, but not too much in one day or you'll hurt yourself!

clarinet500 | Student

You should always warm up, and also you should use a piano to help you find your pitch.  The key thing to getting better though, is practice.  You sing pretty much anywhere, so why not belt out a few notes here and there.  Anotehr tip is work on your air support.  This will help you keep your pitch from going flat.  Drinking water also helps.  Another thing is that you should work on range building exercises so when it comes time to perform you won't choke on the high note.  Well, there's my two cents.  I hope this helps.