How should cells be joined to obtain a maximum current ? Choose the correct option. 1.In series 2.In Parralel 3.Mixed Combination 4.In any combination

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Every voltage cell has an internal resistance R. To obtain the maximum current from joined cells means to find group them together is such a way that the resulting internal resistance is minimised. 

1. The series grouping provides maximum internal resistance for the group (`R_(eq) = R +R +R+... ` , or `R_(eq) =n*R` )

2.The parallel grouping provides the minimum internal resistance for the group (`1/R_(eq) =1/R +1/R +1/R +...` , or `R_(eq) =R/n` )

3.The mixed combination grouping provides an intermediate value for the resistance of the group between the maximum and minimum values found above.

4. Because as shown above there is a maximum and minimum value for the equivalent total resistance `R_(eq)` this choice is not correct.

Therefore the correct answer is 2) In parallel.

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