How are the seven deadly sins represented in the novel? 

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Pride: Golding illustrates pride through Ralph and Jack's struggle for authority and leadership. Ralph portrays pride by defending his title as the tribe's chief against Jack's attempts to undermine his authority. Jack demonstrates his pride by continually bragging about his abilities as a hunter and constantly highlighting his accomplishments. Piggy also demonstrates pride by challenging Jack during the assemblies and demanding that the savages return his glasses.

Envy: Envy is most significantly portrayed through Jack's feelings of jealousy towards Ralph. Jack envies Ralph's position as chief and goes to great lengths to challenge Ralph's authority.

Gluttony: The boys display gluttony through their overwhelming desire to eat meat. As leader of the hunters, one of Jack's goals is to attain more meat, which fuels his desire to hunt. Jack and his hunters are insatiable in their desire for meat and neglect their other duties in order to hunt.

Lust: Golding illustrates the boys' lust by portraying...

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