How does the setting of Mrs. Jones's home contribute to your sense of who she is in Thank You, Ma'am? Connect: How does the setting of Mrs. Jones's home—her furnished room, the gas plate, the ten cent cake, the noise building—contribute to your sense of who she is?

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Based on the description of Mrs. Jones's home, it is apparent that her living situation is humble at best. She does not live an extravagant lifestyle, as the furnishings of her home indicate. She does not own a proper stove, but rather a gas plate. The room that houses the kitchenette is also where her bed is stored. As soon as Roger and Mrs. Jones enter her home, they immediately hear the chatter of other individuals who reside within the house. It seems that Mrs. Jones is not a homeowner, but rather rents the house along with her other roommates.

It is evident that Mrs. Jones lives a meager lifestyle. She does not earn a high income from her job at a beauty salon. However, she...

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