How can setting influence or shape the theme of a story or poem?

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The best writers use every tool that's available to them to get their story or message across to their readers. Generally, writers don't just come out and explicitly say what the purpose of their work is. Instead, they show readers what they mean through a variety of powerful literary devices. The setting of a story or poem is one of the devices at an author's disposal.

Settings aren't usually picked at random. Instead, they're chosen because of the value they give a story. They can be used for things like symbolizing parts of the main character's journey. For example, if a character in a story is struggling with their identity and is unsure where to turn for guidance, an author may show that character wandering through a desert searching for a new home.

Additionally, don't just pay attention to the setting of a story or poem itself. Instead, also consider how the author describes that setting. For example, a story with a lonely and rich character may partially take place inside a large...

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