How does the setting contribute to the plot of the story "The Storm"?  

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The plot of a story is comprised of its main events. It refers, essentially, to what happens and the order in which the events take place. In order to give Calixta and Alcee Laballiere the chance to find themselves alone, Kate Chopin, the author, must create the opportunity, and the arrival of the storm is the way she does this.

Bobinot, Calixta's husband, and Bibi, her son, have gone to the store in town, and they "decided to remain there till the storm had passed." This means that Calixta will be alone in her home for some time, as the storm is a big one, and the pair will need to wait awhile before starting back to the house.

Further, the storm compels Alcee Laballiere to stop and shelter under the porch of Calixta's home as he happened to be passing by:

He expressed an intention to remain outside, but it was soon apparent that he might as well have been out in the open: the water beat in upon the boards in driving sheets, and he went inside, closing the door after him.

Evidently Alcee...

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