How is Scrooge haunted by the ghosts? What I mean is, how will Scrooge's future change if he doesn't listen to the three ghosts?i know it is in a good way, but what are the consequenses?

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The ghosts in A Christmas Carol are there to show Scrooge what is good about life.  Scrooge, lost in ambition, has lost touch with the things that make life beautiful - good deeds, personal relationships, etc.  The ghost of Christmas past reminds Scrooge of things he loved in the past that he lost to his ambition.  The ghost of Christmas present shows Scrooge how other people feel at this time of year, the happiness that they have that has nothing to do with money.  The ghost of Christmas future shows Scrooge the consequences of his failure to learn.  The future will be lonely for Scrooge.  He will die without a friend in the world and all his life savings will be quickly pawned off.  This demonstrates to him the uselessness of his pursuit of money and power.

marogamal | Student

in my opinion if scrooge didnot listen to what the ghosts tried to learn him,it would like the third ghost show him( people lghing and buying his clothes), the third ghosts was the most effective ghost on scrooge he tries to tell him thta if you don want to change and want to still like as you are so you must deserve what are going to happen to you, he also tried to tell him that not all time people will pray for him, and that whan hye did no one would care because he dont care about any oen so no one will care about him

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