How is Scout Finch courageous in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird?

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One could argue that Scout shows courage in refusing to take any nonsense from anyone. A prime example occurs when her cousin Francis starts saying unpleasant things about Atticus. Whatever Aunt Alexandra might want her to be, Scout's not a sweet, demure little lady who'll ignore such slights against her father's character. Instead, she attacks Francis and gives him a good hiding.

Now this is not to say that Scout's behavior is in any way acceptable. It most certainly is not. However, one can still admire the courage that Scout displays in defending her father's honor against an outrageous slur. Though the manner in which she chooses to defend Atticus may be unacceptable, there's no doubt that Scout's heart is in the right place.

In such a situation it takes an awful lot of courage to stand up and be counted, though if Scout had refrained from resorting to fisticuffs to make her point, her courage would've been even more admirable. As it is, we can deplore Scout's actions while still...

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