How are Scout and Aunt Alexandra related in To Kill a Mockingbird? Not by family, but by how they act, their personality, and views of anything. I know their differences, but I need to know their similarities for an essay I am writing for my English class.

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The similarities between Scout and her Aunt Alexandra are few, but Atticus' sister does mellow a bit later in the novel, and the two do have a few things in common.

  • They are both dedicated to Atticus.
  • They both love Jem. (Scout admires him as a sister cares for an older brother; Jem's injury in the final chapters bring out the best of Alexandra's nearly dormant motherly instincts.)
  • They are both strong-willed.
  • They both see the two-faced attitudes of several of the women at the Missionary Circle tea.
  • They both dislike and even fear Bob Ewell.
  • They were both upset at the news of Tom Robinson's death.
  • They are both a bit superstitious. (Scout is young enough to believe any of Jem's tales about Haints and Hot Steams, and Alexandra believes that "somebody just walked over my grave" just prior to the Halloween pageant.)
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