How is science involved in Fahrenheit 451?I am thinking about biology, chemistry, or psychology.

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The title is a great place to start, 451 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature at which paper burns according to the book. Measures of degree fall into the study of chemistry. Chemistry and biology mix when the Mechanical Hound injects its fluid into a human or when Montag douses himself with alcohol to cover his chemical make-up that the Mechanical Hound knows and uses to locate Montag.

Psychology is at work as Clarisse is studied by a psychologist and found to be rebellious and not normal. As the audience reads her character, they enjoy her, but her ability to think and her desire to think make her counter-cultural.

Technology is demonstrated in the parlor walls, the abilities of the Mechanical Hound, the ear pieces, and the speed and capabilities of cars.

All of the aforementioned sciences combine early in the novel when Mildred's stomach is pumped. She seems to overdose on some kind of sleeping pill and then these working class men come to perform the duty of rescue with emotion completely removed. She used a chemical compound to alter her body's natural biological tendencies, and men void of human emotion (psychology) come using a device (technology) to remove the problem.

Science is used in a variety of ways to instigate fear in the audience about what science could actually do to a society.

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