How science is boon? Give example.

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Another way that science is a boon is the protection that research has brought to mankind. An example is weather. Because of new advancements in weather monitoring we are able to predict when conditions are favorable for a tornado. In doing so we are able to warn people to move to safety thus saving many lives.

Another example is communication and technology. Advancements in communication and technology has enabled us to talk to people on the other side of the world in a matter of seconds. We have the telephone, internet, and cellular phones. This had made our lives incredibly easier.

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Science is a boon to us in so many ways.  It has allowed us to live longer, avoid pain from diseases, have more food, and have more ways to enjoy our lives.

For example, science has made it so that we do not have to fear diseases like polio and smallpox anymore.  Science has made it so that farmers can grow more crops on the same amount of land.  Science has given us televisions and the internet that are ways for us to enjoy our lives.

Of course there are bad things about science, but it has given us so many things.

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Science has enabled us to understand the world we live in and to develop better ways to make use of the resources of the world to provide better living standards. Among the greatest gifts of science the mankind to make available them reasonable level of comfort in terms of food, clothing and shelter. Next in importance is achievement of high standards of health care. Science has also aided in mental and spiritual development of mankind by spread of education, development of better means of information management and communication.