How does saving the turtles help Nadia and Ethan learn about teamwork?

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Up until the storm starts brewing in The View from Saturday, Nadia feels upset, angry, alone, and neglected in Florida. Despite her extensive knowledge on turtles, her father only asks Margaret all his turtle inquiries. She feels as if her father and Ethan are bonding more than she and her father ever did, and it is disturbing to find that all these people know everything about her already yet do not check in with her about how she's feeling after her parents' divorce and her new custody arrangement.

When the baby turtles need help, Nadia comes to a realization when she equates this situation to her mother needing help with moving and adjusting after the divorce. In fact, the situation can be equated to Nadia herself as well. After deciding to help rescue the turtles, Nadia realizes that when you help and support others, help and support will come to you as well. She makes amends with Ethan, her father, and her grandfather after learning that when you work in a team, everyone benefits and gets the support they need.

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