How are romance and realism blended in Jane Eyre?

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While Jane Eyre primarily fits within Romanticism, the elements of realism that Charlotte Brontë deploys help keep the reader’s attention by making the action almost believable.

Not only is there ultimately a happy ending in wedded bliss, but both Jane and Rochester have eventful lives that make them suitable Romantic heroes. They aspire to lofty ideals and endure travails that test their spirits and affirm their optimism and spiritual values. The change from employer-employee relationship, to infatuation, to finding true love that combines passion and affection is a classic Romantic plot sequence. Even Rochester’s dubious past in keeping his wife locked away and the injuries he sustained in the fire help make him an effective Romantic hero. Because Jane must make her way through difficult circumstances and use her wits to overcome adversity (even though being restored to her family and its wealth aids her situation), she can be considered a Romantic hero as well.

The realistic elements of...

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