How does Roger help in killing the sow?

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In Chapter 8, Jack leads his group of savages on a hunt. While they are hunting, they come across a clearing in the forest where a large sow is lying down, feeding her piglets. The group of hunters surround the sow and throw their spears on Jack's command. From ten yards away, two wooden spears strike the sow in her flank. The sow takes off through the forest, and the boys chase her. When the hunters catch up to the sow, they surround her again and begin to stab her with their spears. The sow ends up staggering into Simon's hiding spot in the forest, and the hunters jump on her. Roger begins to stab the sow randomly until he lodges his spear into her backside. He leans onto his spear with his full weight as Jack slices its throat. When the boys step back and realize that Roger's spear is jammed up the sow's backside, Roger yells, "Right up her ass!" (Golding 195). The brutal murder of the female pig in Chapter 8 is referred to as the "rape scene."

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