How does Robinson Crusoe get provisions such as guns and gunpowder?

Expert Answers
teachersage eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Robinson Crusoe finds himself the sole survivor of a shipwreck, stranded on a deserted island. Intrepid and resourceful, he quickly realizes that if he is to survive, he needs to salvage as much as possible from the wrecked ship, which he can see has floated toward him and is not entirely submerged. He manages to get back to the ship using the life boat on which he and his now dead friends escaped from the ship during the storm that started all his current troubles. On board the ship, he finds guns and gunpowder, among other supplies. He is able to fashion a raft to return him to the shore with his supplies. The gunpowder helps him become the "king" of his island. Throughout the book, he will find ingenious ways to overcome his problems and create a new life for himself.