How are Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant similar?

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General Robert E. Lee and General Ulysses S. Grant had many similarities and differences. The biggest similarity is that they were both great civil war generals. They had a great deal of passion for what they were fighting for. They both wanted to preserve the Union but it was inevitable that the North and South would soon engage in war.

General Lee and General Grant both fought in the Mexican War. They later questioned if it was right to invade and because of the carnage they witnessed they were both opposed to war in 1861. Both also participated in Scott's march from Vera Cruz to Mexico City. 

In addition, they both went to school at West Point.

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Both leaders played vital roles in the Civil War.  They were both associated with their side, as the North became represented by Grant and the South by Lee.  Both were placed in large positions of power and looked at by many with admiration and respect.  Both were skilled tacticians and possessing a high level of military intelligence.  Specific battles marked their level of brilliance on the battlefield, with Lee garnering much praise for his approach in recapturing Richmond and with Vicksburg marking a strategic high moment for Grant.  Both graduated from West Point Military Academy.

Ulysses S. Grant had many similarities. Some of them are they both played vital roles in the civil war. Another one would be they both graduated from West Point Military Academy, though Robert was 2nd in his class of 39 and Ulysses was 21st in his class of 39. Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee also have many differences. One of them is that Ulysses smoked and drank. Finally, family Ulysses was forced to be in the military. Robert was just continuing a family tradition.