How are resources efficiently allocated?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From a production perspective, effective resource allocation means that the available resources are utilized with minimal to no waste during the different processes. Thus, each aspect of the production process is allocated resources that will be used up completely within the process with no leftovers that might go to waste.

In order to achieve optimal effective resource allocation, it is important to determine how much is needed, as compared to how much is available. Given that resources are scarce, it is important to ensure that the quantity needed conforms to the amount available. Thus, production adjustments must be made based on the available resources.

Thus, it is important to understand the scope of the project. A clear understanding of the scope should inform the resources needed. Identifying the resources required helps in preparing estimates with regards to cost, time, and process.

Effective resource allocation ensures that not only is wastage eliminated, but also project schedules are adhered to and costs associated with the projects are maintained at the minimum.

mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several ways that resources can be allocated efficiently in an economic system. One way is to maximize the production of products. When resources are used to have the most value possible with the available resources, we then have efficiency in production. We also have efficiency in consumption when the amount supplied is equal to the amount demanded. There are no surpluses or shortages in this scenario.

Supply and demand should factor into how resources are allocated. Products that are in great demand should have more resources allocated to them than products that are in low demand. When market forces are freely allowed to play out in an economy, resources are more likely to be properly allocated.

The goal of any economic system is to have an efficient allocation of its resources.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to economists, resources are efficiently allocated by competitive markets.  Economists say that efficient allocation happens when consumers are able to choose the goods and services that they want.  This is how things happen in a market economy where consumers buy what they want and do not buy what they don't want. When this happens, companies who sell desirable products thrive and resources move to them.  Companies that do not sell desirable products decline and fail and resources move away from them.  In these ways, resources move to those firms that make the things that people want.  This is efficient allocation of resources.

rachaely123 | Student
Resources are being allocated efficiently when they are being used to produce the proper quantities of the goods and services that consumers desire the most. This requires that each product be produced up to the point at which price is equal to marginal cost. When that occurs, the value of the last unit of output produced is exactly equal to the value of the alternative goods that must be sacrificed for its production. In easier terms, allocative efficiency requires that we produce each product up to the point where the benefit it conveys to society (marginal social benefit) equals the costs its production imposes on society (marginal social cost). This occurs at the output where the market supply curve crosses the market demand curve (if we assume that these curves reflect all of the costs and benefits associated with the production and consumption of the product).