How is the Renaissance a time very similar to our own? (ex: power struggles, ideologies, physical, force..). Thanks

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pholland14 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Renaissance can be considered a time very similar to our own in that the Renaissance looked back to an earlier period (ancient Greece and Rome) as kind of a "golden era" that it sought to emulate.  Today's politicians, while the stakes are not life and death (as they were with the Medici in Italy) look back to earlier days for guidance.  One branch of the Republican party looks back to Thomas Jefferson in its attempt to minimize the role of government--this can be the Tea Party.  Another branch looks to Reagan in terms of tax breaks and military power.  The Democrats in this election are moving towards the left with Clinton and Sanders's tax plans for the rich and promises to working class Americans. Just like in the days of the Renaissance, most politicians are quite wealthy and they have followers who can work for them.  While the politicians of the Renaissance used the arts to hopefully gain a positive place in history, today's politicians use news sources and biographers to improve their public images.   

The Renaissance was also an empowering time for ideas.  More people were encouraged to think for themselves with the availability of books through the printing press.  More people are encouraged to educate themselves through sites like this one and smartphones.  I know your question was largely about the politics of the time period, but one would be remiss if one did not mention the learning opportunities of this period too.