How does religion affects one's career choice?

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For the most part, this is a question whose answer depends on the attitudes and beliefs of the individual who is choosing a particular career.  There are a very few careers that people only choose because of their religion.  However, for the most part, religion plays a different role in affect different people’s career choices, even if they choose to enter the same careers.

There are a few careers that people only pursue because of religion.  Presumably no one (or very few people) enter the ministry for reasons...

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I can share my thoughts about Career in Hotel Industry. There can be no doubt that a hotel, in and of itself, is something lawful in Islam. The essential business of a hotel is that of providing rooms for people to lodge in. Since the hotel business is a lawful business, it follows that working in or running a hotel is lawful work. There are tons of Job sectors for hospitality students ,hotel and restaurant workers for Muslim hotel management students.

The problem lies in the fact that most hotels – even in the vast majority of Muslim countries – are involved in some un-Islamic transactions. Most hotels have restaurants that have pork and alcohol on the menu, and that sometimes provide live entertainment. Hotels also provide room service that offers alcoholic drinks, among its many lawful food and drink options, to the guests in their rooms. Many hotels even provide a stocked bar in some of the choicer rooms. Then there are the gambling facilities provided by some hotels. There can be no doubt that working directly in the distribution of liquor and other unlawful business is unlawful work. However, what is the ruling of working in hotel management, in a capacity that is lawful in itself, but one that cannot be wholly separated from some of the unlawful aspects of the average hotel’s business? A person may, of his own accord, opt to eschew any work that is in the least bit questionable, to make certain that all of his income is lawful and that nothing is tainted with any unlawful enterprise. He may do so to make sure that he does not in any way whatsoever contributes to encouraging another person in sin. He may simply wish to be free to speak out against sinful behavior and help prevent people from falling into it. All of these intentions for avoiding questionable work are certainly good. It is certainly an act of piety to refrain from lawful work when some questionable practices are involved in it. This level of piety is easy for those who crave it, but it is certainly difficult in and of itself.


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