How does religion affects one's career choice?

Expert Answers

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For the most part, this is a question whose answer depends on the attitudes and beliefs of the individual who is choosing a particular career.  There are a very few careers that people only choose because of their religion.  However, for the most part, religion plays a different role in affect different people’s career choices, even if they choose to enter the same careers.

There are a few careers that people only pursue because of religion.  Presumably no one (or very few people) enter the ministry for reasons other than religion.  In these cases, you can almost certainly say that religion caused those people to select those careers.

In almost all other career choices, religion may or may not play a role.  Think about people who choose to become teachers.  Religion may or may not affect their career choice.  One person might become a teacher because she enjoys working with teens and likes her subject matter.  Another might become a teacher because he thinks that God has called him to help people by educating them.  The same can be said of practically any profession.  In these professions, religion affects or does not affect people’s career choices based on what those people’s religious beliefs are.

Thus, we really cannot say that there is one answer to this question that fits all people.  People can be motivated to choose most careers either by religious factors or by factors that have nothing to do with religion.  The effect that religion has on career choice, then, depends almost entirely on the attitudes of the person choosing the career.


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