As a narrator, how reliable is Jake's assessment of himself and others in The Sun Also Rises?

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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jake can be considered to be a reliable narrator. He reminds readers of Nick in Gatsby-in the way he tends to withhold instant judgements. He is a keen observer and does not spare himself in his honest assessments of characters and their motivation.

He is meticulous in his accounting of money-he notes how money is spent, the value of what is bought, and the frequency with which it is spent. This honesty lends to his perception as a reliable narrator.

Jake does not sugarcoat his views for anyone, even Brett, whom he loves. Her flaws are given as well as her strengths. Jake's own flaws are readily available to the reader , as well. Jake inspires trust in readers , and therefore comes across as a reliable narrator.

gatsby-in-the-bush | Student

my friend nick says: i hide in bushes. i think all narrators should hide in bushes... bushes are for hiding in and so thats why i hide in bushes... and narrators too but i'm not an narrator, i'm an i but not me, myself and i nor an eye or a geordie saying ay. but maybe geordies hide in bushes because it's cld there but not as cold as the north pole where santa lives so maybe he lives in bushes with the narrators and then one day the narrators said to santa we should make a fictional character on a man that gives presents to people his name is santa and secretly he is a paedeofile i know this because i'm a young looking boy. i know this because i am in the same bush. but not in Georges Bush thats santas job or maybe not because george looks old.

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