How is the relationship between Stanhope and Raleigh presented?

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R.C.Sherriff has used
the relationship between Stanhope and Raleigh to convey the effect of
the awful conditions the war had on the depth of the suffering the
solders involved experienced. Stanhope and Raleigh have an extremely
interesting relationship. Stanhope is a peculiar character; he is an
alcoholic and seems to be fighting a constant battle with his mind.
When he is ‘sober’ he is short and snappy but when he has had a few
whiskeys he opens up and is able to have long deep conversations that
you can to well that the reader feels the emotions of
the solders. He has also included a good set of characters, which I
think all work exceptionally well together and are what make the play
as tremendous as it is.

R.C Sheriff is likely to of been one of the characters in the play,
maybe Stanhope or likely experienced highly similar things to what he
has expressed in ‘Journey’s End’, as he has written about it extremely
passionately that the audience feel the emotions of the soldiers so
deeply, this is what makes the play as grand as it is.

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