How do I write a reflection for Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt?

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A reflection is a piece of writing in which you write about your personal response to a book.  A good way to begin is to look at parts of the book’s plot and themes of the book that meant something to you personally.  Since this book is about the consequences of being immortal, that might be a good place to start. 

The author’s message for the book is that there is a cycle to life, and all living beings must take part in that cycle.  To not take part in it makes for a lonely existence, where you do not fully get to realize all that life’s existence has to offer.  

Consider Pa Tuck’s explanation to Winnie about how the Tucks feel about being immortal. 

But this rowboat now, it's stuck. If we didn't move it out ourself, it would stay here forever, trying to get loose, but stuck. That's what us Tucks are, Winnie. Stuck so's we can't move on. We ain't part of the wheel no more. Dropped off, Winnie. Left behind. And everywhere around us, things is moving and growing and changing. (Ch. 12) 

A reflection may include quotes like this, from parts of the book that you found meaningful or important.  Then you can share how you feel.  Do you agree with the author’s presentation of immortality?  Do you think the book does a good job exploring the consequences of living forever? 

In your reflection, you should write about what the book’s themes mean to you, and how you relate to the characters.  For example, do you understand Winnie and the choices she makes?  Do you appreciate the Tuck family’s response to their situation?  These reactions to the book would be useful additions to your reflection.  Basically, write about what the book means to you.  You can also write about if you liked the book.

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