How realistic is the Venus Project describe in the film Zeitgeist: Addendum? Won't it just create a technocracy because someone will have to control the technology?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is difficult to answer this question. If we say that the proposal put forth in the Venus Project is unrealistic, then we are hit with the label that we are simply repeating what capitalism and the status quo market economy wants us to say. Certainly, the proponents of the Venus Project would suggest that a technocracy would not be presented because embracing the project's aims would be embracing a different paradigm where power is not sought to be consolidated, but rather shared.  Technocracies would not be needed if power was to be shared equally by all parties and understood not as a means to dominate, as much as an understanding to make life better for everyone.

This strikes at how one sees human nature.  In the most basic of senses, if one sees the Venus Project's aspirations with technology as unrealistic, there is a good chance that skepticism about human nature exists.  This skepticism would compel one to believe that individuals are more likely to find ways to establish control over others.  However, if one can envision the Venus Project as something realistic and feasible, a positive embrace of human nature is evident.

Through this, the question of technocratic control might be rooted in a more explorative issue of what human nature actually is.  In this, one can see that the film's main point to generate discourse is accomplished. The idea of truth being "pathless" is evident in this willingness to embrace discourse in all of its multifaceted forms, and something generated from absorbing the ideas in the film.