How does reading the two poems "Because I could not stop for death—" and "I heard a fly buzz—when I died—" together make you see or understand things you might not if you read them separately?

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Reading these two Dickinson poems gives you insight on how the poet views death. Reading each poem alone, you might not get the same understanding of death. In "Because I could not stop for Death—," Dickinson portrays death as a kindly entity who patiently stops by to pick her up and take her away to the afterlife. Death is not frightening or angry here—indeed, Dickinson shows us a gentle view of death. In "I heard a fly buzz—when I died—," she shows a light moment just before a person dies. Everyone is gathered in the room, waiting for the dying person's last breath, when a fly buzzes by. This moment takes the seriousness out of the death scene and also shows that you can't always plan for how death is going to be. Dickinson shows the reader that death is not an awful thing. It is part of life and can't be avoided or planned for; also, we should not fear it.

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