How does Rama teach the meaning of dharma in the epic?

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According to the definition of dharma, Rama teaches dharma in virtuosity and religion and conforms to the teachings of Buddha. He understands his relationship and role to those who surround him. Rama is written as the perfect obedient son, husband, and ruler. He, as the eldest, did as was told for his position as a son. He acted a good husband to his wife Sita during their marriage. He did not remarry or stray, staying virtuous in his role. Rama would not go against his father's words once they were said and leaves to exile for 14 year of his own will. He did not question or go against his father's words. Rama, his wife Sita, and Lakshaman manage a life in the forest and are content as years pass. He had made the best in his situation with what he had and who he was with. Once his wife is taken captive by a rakshasa, Ravana, he goes to battle to save Sita. He fights for his wife and defeats many evil creatures in the epic before returning to his home city Ayodhya. During his reign as...

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