How does Ralph assert his chieftainship and how is this effective?

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Ralph sees his authority being tied to making rules and keeping things in order. He is very pleased with the suggestion that the conch is a symbol of order. Ralph appreciates that the conch needs to be held in order for everyone to listen. Ralph is bent on making sure that the boys build shelters and maintain a fire and do things in an orderly in order to be to be rescued. He was elected, after all, and this means that he gets to be in charge.

The problem is, Ralph tries to assert this power by reasoning with the boys and pointing out the issues and appealing to their sense of reason and logic. It works for a time as long as the boys still remember civilization, the idea of rescue and the hope of return to civilization.  

But as Jack, his hunters and the savage lawlessness of his authority takes control, Ralph's method of asserting his power and control begins to lose its effectiveness. The boys get tired of meetings and complain about talking too much. In the end, the conch is destroyed at Piggy's death and Ralph's authority is gone for good.


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