How is "A Raisin in the Sun" a tragedy?  

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Like the majority of the posts above, I don't think we should see this play as a tragedy. Perhaps there are tragic elements, but these can also be understood as simply being socially entrenched conflicts.

One strong argument against this play being classified as a tragedy is that the characters are not flawed in themselves, but are subject to pressures put upon them by circumstance - and they each conquer those negative forces in the end.

I have to agree--this play isn't a tragedy.  There are certainly some tragic elements, such as losing some of the investment money, an "almost" abortion, a young black man who's so angry and frustrated at the world, feeling as if everyone is against him.  And more.  However, I take heart that things will be better for the Youngers for a couple of reasons.  First, there will be a new life born into the family rather than a tragic death.  Second, this opportunity has renewed their energy and enthusiasm, and working for something they own will be less...

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