How is Rainsford proving to be interesting prey for the General?Helpl please!

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William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

General Zaroff is used to dealing with human prey who are not experienced in outdoor survival. In Rainsford he is challenged by having an opponent who is a world-famous hunter like himself. Rainsford is determined to put up a good fight, even though Zaroff has many advantages, including deadly weapons. First Rainsford fashions a deadfall with a decaying tree. When Zaroff passes under it he comes close to getting killed. This only seems to amuse him. He enjoys having a worthy opponent. He likes the excitement of the chase better because he is after truly "dangerous game." Then Rainsford constructs a pit covered with branches and leaves with upright sharpened stakes at the bottom. Zaroff barely avoids falling into it. In spite of the danger, he admires Rainsford's handiwork and congratulates him. A short story is interesting when the protagonist and antagonist are evenly matched. The fact that Rainsford wins the deadly "game" in the end proves that they were evenly matched in spite of Zaroff's apparent advantage.

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