How does racism play a role in Evicted by Matthew Desmond?

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The main topic of the book, housing insecurity, is inextricably tied to racism in America. For example, the author Matthew Desmond investigates the lower class housing scene in Milwaukee. He notes that Milwaukee was once one of America’s most segregated cities and that eviction is one of the most important forces in the lives of many black Milwaukee residents. Therefore, eviction is both a symptom of racism and an event that intensifies the effects of racism that is deeply embedded in American society. For example, African American and Hispanic neighborhoods were specifically targeted by subprime mortgage lenders, so these communities were especially hurt when the economy crashed in 2007. Furthermore, because of the inequities in our criminal justice system, which incarcerates black people at a rate disproportionate to their overall population numbers in America, they are also unfairly pushed out of the housing market, which discriminates against those with a criminal record and...

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