How are Rabbi Hezron and Jesus opposites in The Bronze Bow?

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You would benefit from re-reading Chapter Five, which is when we are first introduced to Rabbi Hezron, the father of Joel and Malthace. In this chapter, Daniel meets him for the first time as he goes to seek out Joel and to try and recruit him to Rosh's cause and the cause of rebels against the Romans. He is, however, shocked to see the wealth in which he lives.

Rabbi Hezron is the opposite of Jesus in so many ways because of his greed and the way that he has made concessions to the Romans. He is clearly using the occupation and his position as a Rabbi to enrich himself rather than trying to fight against Roman rule. In his conversation with Daniel, he makes it clear that he looks to the Law alone to save Judea, and does not feel he needs to act in any way. The way in which he is very inhospitable in greeting Daniel, a friend of his children, shows his hypocrisy as he ignores sections of the Law regarding hospitality towards guests. 

Compared to the passive and greedy nature of Rabbi Hezron, Jesus actively pursues change and resists Roman rule in ways that show his character to be completely true and pure, and not hypocritical in any way. Whereas Rabbi Hezron is a character defined by his wealth, Jesus is a character who is defined by his poverty and the way that he is happy to eat with poor peasants such as Daniel and extends the same hospitality to them as he would to anybody such as Rabbi Hezron. They are fundamentally opposed in terms of their values and actions. 


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