How is the quote "quintessence of dust" related to the play as a whole?? please answer 

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lyndaa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the beginnnig of the play we see Hamlet very confused and upset. Because of the recent death of his father and very recent marriage of his mother - to his uncle no less - Hamlet is very disillusioned about life and mankind in general.  Here Hamlet ponders the question as to what is man (mankind). After listing all of the somewhat noble traits, Hamlet states that man is actually no more than the dust to which we will all return. I think these sentiments trace throught he entire play as Hamlet becomes more disillusioned with life and man as he discovers others who he feels betray and disappoint him

bwaiiin | Student

Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Do u think this is enough to write in my essay? 

My essay is about quintessence of dust. It's definition and who said it to whom and at last how is it related to the whole play.