How is the quote “ Instead he began thinking of the things that would happen to him after the thought Police took him away. ” an example of foreshadowing in 1984  

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The passage cited from Part I, Chapter VIII, is an example of foreshadowing because it is in the room of the pawn shop owner, Mr. Charrington which Winston Smith has just seen that he is later arrested along with Julia from the Fiction Department. They are interrogated and tortured in Room 101 until their minds are brainwashed.

In Chapter VIII, Winston starts to write in his diary after returning from the area where the proles live and the pawn shop is located. But, instead his thoughts wander to the Thought Police and what will happen to him because he feels the inevitability of being arrested for his crime of having a diary.

Winston has gone where the proles live in an effort to learn what things were like in the past, a crime in itself. When he drinks beer with an old man, Winston asks him about what things were like before the Revolution, but the old man will not really answer his questions. Instead, he rambles incoherently about "top hats" and some other things that certain classes wore or did, and he speaks of drinking "a pint" of beer, not a half-liter, as now. "The beer was better," he says, and when Winston asks about the war, the old man replies, "It's all wars." Clearly, the old man is fearful of Winston because of so many questions about the past.

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