How can one quit smoking?

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It appears that kicking the habit of smoking is so simple. You just take a strong resolve and stop smoking from to-day. But the quit is very far from easy unless you have a high motivation and some support system. Smoking is a daily habit that has a serious influence on your body and mind. The nicotine that a smoker receives does function as an addictive and quitting shall obviously give rise to withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, depression, increased appetite, loneliness, lack of confidence and so on. Even then, if you decide to quit, you may try the following:

a) sufficiently motivate yourself to remain farthest from the pack and the match-box;

b) try meditative/breathing exercises to manage the stress-factors as well as the withdrawal effects;

c) avoid your friends who are habitual smokers;

d) take candies/ mouth fresheners/ other herbal alternatives.

There is no doubt that kicking the habit of smoking shall give you positive signals of physical wellness/fitness. You will no longer suffer from smoker's cough and other recurrent throat discomforts. You will definitely breathe well and sleep well. You are also likely to relieve the members of your family of the dangers of second hand smoking.

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