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How does President Kennedy want his audience to respond to this difference in his inaugural speech?

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President Kennedy was an excellent public speaker. In his inauguration address, President Kennedy was trying to inspire the nation, especially younger Americans, to become more involved in helping others either at home or abroad.

President Kennedy wanted to inform people that times were changing. A new generation was in charge, and new ideas were being presented. He wanted Americans to start to consider how they could serve the government instead of wondering what the government would do for them. He wanted people to go to underdeveloped countries to help people become more educated, to provide medical care for those in need, and to help improve their nutrition and diet. The Peace Corps was created to help achieve these goals.

President Kennedy also wanted people to work to improve conditions in the United States. He wanted people to advocate for civil rights for all people. He wanted people to help those who were less fortunate in our society. He wanted people to become more active to cure the problems that existed in our society.

With his positive message and his positive speech, President Kennedy tried to inspire all Americans, and especially the younger generations, to reach new heights and to do more for those who needed help in our society.

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