How can we prepare the student to be "a good language learner"?

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The most accepted tenets of second language acquisition by the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) call for the following requirements to achieve a successful language learning experience:

a) a non threatening environment that keeps the affective filter low.

b) a print-rich and visually appealing classroom, where the print and the visuals are in the target language.

c) a clear and defined daily routine where the language can be applied repetitively, within a context, and for a clear purpose.

d) a proper use of the target language with clear pronunciation and with an intonation that invites repetition.

Aside from these requirements, it is always suggested that the content of the language instruction is taught using immersion along with the five strands of 21st century learning. They are:






The making of purposeful lessons based on the 5 C's will make the process of language learning much more enjoyable and the teaching process much more meaningful, for it will help the teacher create better assessments of and for learning.

Most importantly, consider the use of student interest inventories prior to teaching to address the actual likes of the students, as well as to get to know the students much better. These inventories are made to make lessons relevant and geared towards the actual interests of the students, hence providing a much more productive lesson.

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