How to prepare for the I.C.S.E 10th board exams?  I wanna noe how many hrs to study and what to study when. How to manage the time?I'm really short of time. I seriosly need an answer to my question.

amalamanju | Student

First of all,get hold of a Question-Bank of previous 10yrs in the concerned subjects to be referred and worked out as you take up each subject.Decide on the best time you'd like to study, (early morn or late night),prepare a time-table outside school hours and get a good alarm-clock to be kept out of your reach.Arrange subjects so as to alternate science subjects which are strenuous with like language. Keep in mind that a strict and rigid time-table will fail you;so,consider short breaks,fresh fruits or juice(avoid milk and fried snacks as they induce sleep) a bit of music,unavoidable functions,news-watch and of course,prayer.Take time to work out exercises in subjects like Maths, Physics,Chemistry and English. Never hesitate to clarify doubts at the earliest.Something else to be considered is your learning environment.Say no to your bed(it is to be slept in),the living room,places with easy access to the television,your PC or anything near to distraction.Initially,if you are able to achieve only upto 50% of your target,don't be disheartened;you are on the path to success. Simply believe that 'nothing is impossible'.

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