how to prepare an essay on why school should be 4 days a week

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This essay is  an opinion paper on why school should be four days a week, and you must first decide on a thesis statement and reasons why the school week should change.  Your thesis statement controls all the points of your essay, so you must be clear in what you think.  I would list all of the points you have for why school should be four days a week and the support you have for each point. Do you have three good points to support?  One could be the savings in bussing expense or heat and lighting expenses with one less day.  Another could be the availability of online work which many teachers use anyway.  When you have three and the supportive ideas, write your thesis statement to cover your ideas.  For example, "School schedules were set for a five day week, much like the five day work week, and with one change to a four day school week, a school district will see savings in their budgets, a greater use of technology, and students becoming more independent as they use the fifth day on their own student projects or ideas."  Now refine your thesis according to the ideas you have, present each important point as its own paragraph, and draw a conclusion at the end of your paper.  Remember that you must prove each of the important ideas introduced in your thesis statement.  Good luck!

chrisyhsun | Student

This is going to be a persuasive essay, as you are trying to convince readers to believe as you do – that school should be 4 days a week. In order to write a persuasive essay, the key component is to come up with approximately 3 primary arguments. These 3 points will be the bulk of your essay (each point can be a paragraph, and the 3 paragraphs can then be sandwiched between an introduction and a conclusion). Therefore, most of the preparation for the essay should be coming up with these points.

A key point to keep in mind is: Who is your audience? If you are writing this to the school board, for example, consider how those individuals would react to this proposition. They may be concerned with the lessening of time spent in the classroom learning new material. How can you appease them? Perhaps note that although school is only 4 days a week, there will be more homework or outside of class assignments/projects when students can learn course material in a more practical sense, such as keeping a journal of different plant life on a trip to the arboretum to replace studying plant life in a “lab” in biology.

amysor | Student

In order to answer this question, you must break down your essay into reasons. For example, with this prompt, school should be four days because higher grades, higher attendance, and it creates responsibilty. Higher grades because the students are less stressed, so they will be able to achieve better scores because they will not be overwhelmed. Higher attendance because with less days of school, students are less likely to miss school because that is already few days, causing students to be less behind in class. They will create a sense of responsibilty because with much more free time, they would have to learn to manage their time in order to be sucessful. 

1st Paragraph

  • Introduction

2nd Paragraph

  • Reason 1

3rd paragraph

  • Reason 2

4th paragraph

  • Reason 3

5th paragraph

  • Conclusion

This is a suggestion of the reasons I would use, but I do advise you break down your essay into reasons that support your arguements.

thewanderlust878 | Student

You could go about doing this paper in a number of different ways. Depending on whether or not your teacher/professor has given you any restrictions, you could either form this essay specifically around your opinion, making it a subjective essay, or you could make it a type of research paper and solely base it around the facts and opinions of others, making it an objective paper.