How does predestination relate to The Crucible?

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Puritans believed in the idea of Predestination, that one's fate—whether one was saved or damned to hell—was decided before the person was born. Although one could not be sure of one's fate, being successful in life was a sign that someone might be fated for salvation. In The Crucible, the authorities, such as Reverend Parris and Danforth, are assured in part of their own rightness because they assume that their worldly success signifies that they are among the elect or saved. On the other hand, those who suffer, including those accused of witchcraft, have likely been damned before birth and deserve to die.

The Puritans' belief in predestination made them more willing to accept the suffering of others, as it was clear that those suffering were likely already damned, and it made Puritans less likely to try to protect the suffering or alter their fate. Individuals' attempts to protect or save the damned were seen as fruitless in the face of God's clear decision to punish them....

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