How is poverty discussed in Evicted by Matthew Desmond?

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Poverty is the depressing motif that runs right throughout Matthew Desmond's Evicted. As the author is at pains to point out, poverty isn't simply the result of evictions and homelessness, but increasingly its cause. If the very poorest in society can't get Federal help—and over three-quarters of those entitled can't—then they will have no choice but to shell out a considerable proportion of their limited income on keeping a roof over their heads.

The picture given to us by the book is of a vicious cycle of evictions, poverty, criminality, and low expectations, in which too many people are trapped, and from they find it almost impossible to escape. The overriding problem isn't simply one of lax or ineffective regulation—though that is still a concern—it's that poverty in relation to the broken property market is profitable for too many people. Slum landlords such as Sherrena and trailer park owners like Tobin can make a fortune out of poor tenants, safe in the knowledge that their...

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