How is it possible that games (menaing sports of all kinds) exist in Sir Thomas More's utopian society in Utopia?

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The society Sir Thomas More portrays in his Utopia does not prohibit the playing of sports/games.  That being said, More's is not a society built on the playing of said games.  On those occasions when games or sports are mentioned in the text, they are used to some positive end.  Games, like everything else in the utopian society, serve a purpose.  In "Of Their Trades, and Manner of Life," More describes a game not unlike chess.  Multiples members play for each side, and the two sides are representative of the vices and virtues.  In doing this, the game becomes a metaphor for the human struggle to avoid falling to vice (losing the game) and to pursue virtue (win).  More incorporates other examples of sports or games in the same way.  More often than not, they take on the shape of a metaphor for some larger truth, or some larger human struggle.