How is it possible to have plenty of food yet be poorly nourished?

Expert Answers
trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is very possible to have plenty of food and be poorly nourished depending on the choices of food one makes. For example, a diet high in processed foods which have many preservatives, little vitamins and other nutrients is not a good choice. If someone is eating a lot of sweets with high fructose corn syrup, this again, is not a good food choice. If food is overcooked, the vitamin content can be destroyed. If the choices don't involve a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, there may not be as many nutrients for the body. A healthy diet should include fiber, which can be found in whole grain cereals, bread and pasta, as well as vegetables and fruits. If someone eats white bread, and sugary cereals, there is a good chance that there might not be a great deal of nutrients in these foods. Therefore, if the body is not getting enough protein, water, vitamins, minerals, fiber, a small amount of fats, many servings of fruits and vegetables, then someone might have plenty of food and yet, they can be poorly nourished or even malnourished.

bethlaw | Student

It has to do with what the foods are. I'm speaking about quality vs quantity. Our bodies do not just need bulk, we need vitamins, protein, minerals, iron, etc. Therefore, if one's diet is lacking what our bodies need in order to be properly nourished, it doesn't matter what the quantity of food ingested may be, that person will be grossly malnourished, which can lead to a plethora of developmental, emotional, and physical problems.

katyag | Student

Yes, it is possible to be malnourished, yet have plenty of food. If you eat a lot of food with minimal nutritional value (chips, candy, pizza), you are not receiving adequate nourishment. Your diet needs to consist of whole grains, fruits, vegetable and lean proteins. These foods not only have less fat, they will also keep you feeling fuller longer.  

kate1993 | Student

I think this all depends on what food you are eating. If you make more bad choices (potato chips, cake, etc) and almost no good choices (vegetables, fruits, white meats) you are more likely to be poorly nourished.  Eating good foods like lots of veggies, fruits, & lean meats are just some choices to help maintain a healthy diet.  You don't need to go crazy and try a fad diet...that's not what I'm saying.

Always try to add plenty of color to your plate! Bright green veggies (spinach, collard greens, broccoli) and yummy salad (lettuce, cucumbers, carrots) are just two great suggestions to get you started!

Try your best to stay away from processed foods or preservatives.  Don't understand what I'm saying? A few examples would be pop-tarts, canned veggies, canned fruits, & sugary cereals. Not only do these have plenty of preservatives, but they are also packed with salt and sugar!  One way to make sure of this is to shop the perimeter of the store (This is loaded with whole foods).

Hope I was able to help! :)