How is Ponyboy different from the rest of the Greasers?  

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Ponyboy's talents, personality, and perspective on life make him different from the other Greasers. Ponyboy is both athletic and intelligent like his older brother, Darry. However, Ponyboy is younger than Darry and tends to make irrational decisions. Darry also works two jobs and is out of high school, while Ponyboy still has an opportunity to go to college. As the novel progresses, Ponyboy begins to interact with Socs such as Cherry Valance and Randy Adderson who give him an increased perspective on life. Ponyboy realizes that Socs also have issues and are individuals with their own unique sets of problems, which is something that most of the Greasers do not consider. Unlike the other Greasers, Ponyboy has an affinity for literature and excels at school. Throughout the novel, Pony expresses his interest in reading and even reads Gone With the Wind with Johnny while they are hiding out on Jay Mountain. Another unique aspect of Ponyboy's personality is his tolerant, sensitive nature. Ponyboy is not brash or disrespectful like Two-Bit and Dally, and tends to associate more with Johnny Cade. Unlike Johnny and the other Greasers, Ponyboy has a future and the tools it takes to succeed in life. In addition to being a good student, Pony is also a track star. Pony's talents and unique personality make him different from the Greasers. Ponyboy's insight into the lives of Soc members, as well as his intelligence and athletic ability, make him different from the other members of the Greaser gang.

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