How is Ponyboy the baby of the gang in The Outsiders?I don't mean how he is the youngest. I mean how does he act like the baby and does the gang correct him when he does something wrong?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In addition to being the youngest member of hisĀ gang, Ponyboy is also the most sensitive and least like the rest of the greasers. He doesn't particularly like to rumble, although his brothers compliment him on his fighting abilities. He is the most intelligent and best educated of the bunch, and he seems to be the most innocent of the group. He hasn't faced the problems with the law that Dally has experienced; he has only fond memories of his parents, unlike Johnny; he hasn't fallen in love like Soda or Steve Randle; and he hasn't resorted to carrying a knife like Johnny or Two-Bit, or a heater like Dally. Perhaps more importantly, until the deaths of Johnny and Dally, Pony has not really faced any of life's great challenges or tragedies (aside from the death of his own parents), always being protected by his older brothers and the rest of the gang.

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