How are Political Parties useful? How are they not useful?

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Political parties serve a useful purpose. However, there are times when political parties may be viewed as obstacles to progress.

Political parties are useful because they can be a way to unite people who have common goals and interests. By having political parties, people can join with other people who share similar viewpoints, needs, and values to work towards achieving the policies they believe the country should follow. Without political parties, this would be harder to accomplish.

Political parties can be harmful also. When George Washington left office, he warned us not to develop political parties. He believed people would do what was best for the party instead of what was best for the country. We are seeing that play out to some degree today. Members of political parties aren’t able to work with each other and make compromises. Some people won’t even consider a viewpoint that is different from their political party’s viewpoint. This is a downside of having political parties.

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