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How is Pokemon Go affecting real estate and the housing market?  

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Currently restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that have Pokestops in them are benefiting from Pokemon go.  Personally I have stayed at a coffee shop for over an hour, buying multiple coffees purely because I wanted to use the Pokestop for lures.

Apparently there is an application process to become a Pokestop.  But the processes is slow, and it is not guaranteed that your location will become a Pokestop.  As long as Pokemon Go continues to be the most popular game in the world, I expect casual sit-down places that have Pokestops will see an increase in their value.

Yelp already has a Pokestop filter on their website.  If you want to find a place to eat/drink and play Pokemon, you can! It's a dream come true.

In the housing world, people have used Pokestops as an advertising point for apartments and sublets in major cities.  I have friends that live on top of a Pokestop; I live .5 miles away from the closest Pokestop.  Many players like me would be willing to pay a little more money to live at apartments closer to Pokestops.  The demand is there; now realtors are starting to catch on and use it as a selling point.

This article gives some more interesting examples of Pokestops in the housing market.

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