The Eagle Questions and Answers
by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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How does the poet describe nature in the poem "The Eagle"?

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This is an interesting question. The poem is only six lines, and about half of those lines are dedicated to describing the eagle. On one hand, you could make a claim that the eagle is part of the nature that the question is asking about. On the other hand, you could claim that the eagle exists outside of the nature that this question is asking about; however, I don't feel it is appropriate to separate the eagle from nature. Nature is all about the interdependence of abiotic and biotic factors within any given ecosystem. Removing any one of those factors can create huge problems for nature; therefore, I believe that the eagle and nature should be treated as one. If I had to pick just a couple of adjectives to describe nature in this poem, I would say majestic and powerful. The...

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